National Gas Centre for Excellence – Hi-Therm® Test

National Gas Centre for Excellence was commissioned by HighTech Systems Ltd to carry out a test of its new Hi-Therm® central heating fluid, the test began on 23/2/22 and is running to date.

The test consisted of creating two identical 4KW heating systems, filling one with water and the other with Hi-Therm® liquid. Each system was fitted with a gas meter as a means of monitoring efficiency and recording gas usage. A temperature stat was placed on the return pipe of each system, and both were set at 60C, the systems were then left to run with an 80C flow and a 60C return temperature.

The test started by turning both systems on at the same time and seeing how fast each liquid reached the design temperature of the system. During this test it became apparent that Hi-Therm® reached temperature around 25% quicker than water.

The test was then continued by running the systems continuously and taking sporadic readings from the gas meters over five days. The system filled with Hi-Therm® was able to run at exactly the same temperature and retain its heat much more efficiently than the system filled with water with no detriment to system performance. So far, the system filled with Hi-Therm® liquid has used an average of 29.81% less gas than the system filled with water, see table below.

Hi Therm ® Test Results

Test rig at Boiler Plan


A heating system filled with Hi-Therm shows an incredible saving in gas when compared to a heating system filled with water.

Between Boiler Plan UK and NGCFE we have hundreds of years of experience in the heating industry, and we have never seen a product like this, it is very exciting and has the potential to fundamentally change not just the heating industry but the government’s plans for a carbon neutral future.

It also has the potential to quickly reduce customers gas bills by around 30% and their carbon footprint.

We estimate the installation process would take a heating engineer an average of 4-6 hours to complete including the flushing/cleaning of the existing system.

Ian Henderson,
Managing Director

Hi-Therm® is an innovative nanotechnology product that increases thermal transfer from your boiler to where heat is needed. Reducing gas consumption, carbon output and heating bills.

Hi-Therm® can be used in all types of hydronic heating systems, including gas, oil and coal central heating and air and ground source heat pumps.

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