What is Hi-Therm®?

Hi-Therm® is a bespoke and patented thermal nanofluid developed and manufactured in the UK which uses clever nanotechnology to enhance the thermodynamic properties of water, the result of which is a significant reduction in energy usage and carbon emissions.

Hi-Therm® is a substitute for water in radiator systems and can be installed into any fluid-based heating system with minimal disruption, be it a gas boiler, oil fired system or a heat pump.

Independent testing (both live testing and laboratory testing) has shown that Hi-Therm® reduces energy usage by around 30%.

Our vision for a greener future is to install Hi-Therm® in every UK household, making a significant contribution to the UK’s net zero target in 2050.


Hi-Therm® heats up quicker and transfers more heat energy than water.


The average home in the UK emits approx. 5 tonnes of CO2 per year, Hi-Therm® will reduce this by approximately 1.5 tonne per year.


Increased lifespan and improved heat source efficiency. Standard sized radiators can be retained.

Patented Nano Fluid

Developed and Manufactured in the UK.


Simple hassle-free installation without the need for lengthy and costly surveys.


Use our free online tool to see how much you could save.

Transforming the Way Homes are Heated

Since Roman times, water has been used to heat buildings and since the widespread adoption of central heating in the 1960’s, we have used it to heat homes due to its low running cost and convenience.

Advances in technology have produced better, more efficient boilers as well as ground and air source heat pumps. However, in 60 years no concerted efforts have been made to improve the thermal conductivity of the water we are trying to heat, until now!

Hi-Therm® is the new heating hero here to help revolutionise central heating systems in the UK and beyond by significantly reducing the energy required to heat buildings, both domestic and commercial.