New Build Hydrophic Treatments

Congratulations on moving into your brand new home.

We are here to help you keep it that way. High-Tech Hydrophobic Coatings are the UK’s premier installers of roof and wall coatings.

Your roof and walls are all that protect you from the elements that the British weather has to throw at you. In particular your roof and it won’t take long before the elements start to discolour its tiles. Mould, lichens and dirt grow and adhere to damp surfaces. Your roof tiles are porous and therefore absorb rain water into them, drying out when the weather improves. The problem with this is that the damage has already begun and the continuing cycle of wet to dry allows the build up process to take hold.

Protect your roof with high tech water repellent coating. Using the latest nano technology our system gives your roof the ‘lotus effect’ by repelling the water so it remains dry and becomes self cleaning for the next 10-15 years. To add to this you will also be saving money on heating bills as a dry roof will allow far less heat to escape than a wet one.

Visit our website or call today for a free no obligation site survey from one of our professional surveyors, who will also demonstrate the benefits of our product before leaving you with a competitive quote.

roof cleaning

The roof or exterior wall is cleaned and treated.

side by side comparison

A clear difference in appearance.

treatment result

Your house is left with a lasting clean and new look.

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Available Colours

As well as clear, Renotec is available in the following colours;

renotec colour


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