Hydromx Overview Report

Hydromx® is a patent-protected nanotechnology product which improves energy efficiency in a range of applications by up to 37%. Hydromx® achieves this rate of energy efficiency by increasing the heat transfer rate of heating and cooling systems, which in tum decreases the overall energy consumption. Allied with this is a considerable reduction in carbon footprint.

Hydromx® is most suitable for closed-loop heating and cooling systems where efficiency is achieved by diminishing run-times of associated equipment. Hence, the life of the equipment is extended together with lower maintenance costs. A typical return on investment is around 3 years

There are two versions of Hydromx®

  • Hydromx® Energy Saving Solution
  • Hydromx® PG - NSF Approved Food ·sate, required for ground-source applications as well as for food and drink heating and cooling systems.

Hydromx® has been used with consistent success in heating, cooling and ground source and solar thermal applications.

  • Hydromx® is in use in over 18,500 installations worldwide
  • The AVERAGE improvement is 29% in heating applications
  • The AVERAGE improvement is 35% in cooling applications
  • There are countless industrial heat transfer applications that will benefit from Hydromx®

Heating Systems

  • Hydromx® reduces the total run time of the system by transferring the produced energy created much faster and more efficiently. In addition to this, the heat lost on flue gas temperature is also decreased by Hydromx® usage. Thus, the same amount of energy is transferred much faster, creating efficiency and savings on the energy bill. These gains have been proven and reported by Enertek who are a leading boiler R&D company.
  • Heating systems with Hydromx® have consistently shown an average energy saving of 29%.
  • Hydromx® is not only an energy saving fluid that increases the efficiency of your existing hydronic heating and cooling system, it also is the most comprehensive protection agent on the market.

Thanks to the compounds that constitute the fluid, Hydromx® effectively offers multiple layers of protection for your system, thus negating the need to use other protection agents within your system. Hydromx® protects your heating and cooling systems against corrosion, bacterial erosion, freezing (burst protection), and scaling.

Cooling Systems

  • In cooling systems, when compared with water, Hydromx®transfers heat 37% faster. That refers to transferring the same amount of heat in much shorter time.
  • In cooling systems, Hydromx®'s efficiency creates gains in more than one part of the system by means of efficient heat transfer and energy saving.

With Hydromx® approximately, a 3% increase in compressor direct efficiency is achieved. Furthermore, Hydromx® creates a 30% increase in energy efficiency by reducing the run time of the compressor. It has been recorded that Hydromx® increases the required ambient temperature limits for Free Cooling* by 5-6 QC because of its high heat transfer, thus decreasing the total runtime of the compressor. As a result of this fact, when compared with water, it is possible to achieve up to 35% in savings -subject to atmospheric conditions- with Hydromx® This figure was recorded as high as 37% in highly controlled environments such as data centres.