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High-Tech Hydrophobic Coatings are here to help you solve common household problems caused by water ingress. We provide you with a full service, at no cost to yourself. We check for any problems relating to the exterior of the home. After the survey we will leave you with a full report and if any issues are found we will introduce you to our solutions, an HMRC backed external solution called ProPerla and a similar product called Renotec.

We will explain all the features and benefits, how it can help with any issues found at the property, and of course how to reduce those ever growing heating bills, leaving you with an honest price that's valid for 12 months so that you can make an informed decision in your own time.

The most common external property problems are caused by mother nature some visible and some not. Internal problems such as damp might not be visible and could be hiding away in the cavity wall.



Spalling is caused when water is absorbed into brickwork and freezes. This causes the water to expand as it ices, putting pressure on the masonry.

rising damp


Damp is caused by the cavity wall insulation creating a bridge allowing the water to pass through to the inside of the home allowing fungi to grow.



Efflorescence is the formation of white crystalling on the face of bricks. This is casued by excessive amounts of moisture within the wall.



Cracks are mainly caused by water corrosion slowly washing away the cement and freezing temperatures causing the water to expand.

moss growth

Moss Growth

Moss is commonly found on the roof of properties, but can also be found on brickwork. This is caused by porous masonry holding water.


How Can We Help?

We provide free risk assessments across the whole of the UK, we are also leading suppliers of the A-rated ProPerla external insulation range.
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moisture check

We check the masonry for water ingress.

thermal image of house

Thermal images show where heat is escaping.

graphical representation of energy costs

We also work out what you can save on your bills.

What we do

Save money on heating bills // Eliminate damp, mould and condensation // Prevent health issues // 25 year guarantee // Prevent water ingress and Corrosion // Improve aesthetics // Replace broken tiles // Much more...

roof being hydrophically treated

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By choosing High-Tech Hydrophobic Coatings you will benefit from our many years of experience of improving the efficiency of thousands of UK homes, our honest and transparent pricing, and nothing less than quality materials, workmanship and aftercare throughout the entire process.

We're dedicated to giving you the best service possible by keeping our solutions friendly, simple and effective. If you don’t trust our word for it, just ask the people who have successfully used our service.

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