Solar Batteries

Solar battery technology has progressed significantly and there are now a range of different solar battery options that will enable you to use the solar energy you generate during the day and use it at night, saving both energy and money.

Feed in energy tariff and export tariffs are unaffected and the energy is only exported to the grid when the load requirements are met and the solar battery is fully charged.

Solar Battery Options

solax battery


  • Ground breaking X-Hybrid battery storage
  • Full range of inverters to suit system size
  • 20 year warranty
  • Excellent online monitoring system
growatt battery


  • Designed to be retrofitted
  • Useable capacity of 4kw from full charge
  • Available in 2kwh or 5kwh sizes
moixa battery


  • Designed for any system retrofit
  • Available in 2kw or 3kw sizes.
  • Option to opt into Gridshare and earn
  • Simple, live reporting and control
  • PV and battery package available

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