High-Tech Systems

customer satisfaction

Personalised Approach

High-Tech Systems was founded in 2017. Our expert team have many years experience with energy conservation products and we have a selection of the very best home energy efficiency products available, for both performance and value.

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, and as this is the foundation our company is built on. We strive to ensure all our customers are happy and confident during the entire process and beyond.

customer satisfaction

Excellence & Professionalism

High-Tech Systems provides only the best A-rated service. From the moment you meet our fantastic ECP trained domestic energy surveyors and assessors, to the highly experienced insulation teams, right through to the after sales department, attention to detail is second to none.

Our sole purpose is to help you, the homeowner, save money on your energy bills, extend the longevity of your homes lifespan by protecting it from mother nature and totally eradicating damp in the household.


Insured and Guaranteed

We use cutting-edge technologies

High-Tech Systems provides you with the most effective, energy-saving external insulation available.


Properla masonry creme comes with a 20 year manufacturer backed guarantee and runs a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee policy. This has ensured the fast growth of the company and will continue to ensure the growth of the company for many years to come.


In the unlikelihood that the installation teams cause any damage to your property you can rest assured that our public liability insurance has you covered.